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The Protection Plan

The SECURE ACT provides significant tax credits for employers to establish retirement plans for their employees.

75% of small businesses have no retirement plan. 45% of American workers have no retirement savings, the typical American has only $5,000 in retirement savings and the average couple in their late 50's and early 60's have less than $17,000 saved.

Every small-business owner needs to set up a retirement vehicle such as a SERP, 401(k) or other retirement plan for their employees. The best savings for retirement are made on a monthly basis. These should be invested conservatively, since being a small-business owner is so risky. Give us a call and let's have a conversation about how The Protection Plan can help business owners protect their legacy and provide their employees with a real roadmap to a meaningful retirement. The Protection Plan is a tax-friendly cost effective plan with no government regulation or employer liability.

By using the rules and laws of life insurance The Protection Plan provides, protection from stock market loss, tax free retirement income, permanent life insurance protection, liquidity without penalty before 59.5 and much more..