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06 June
Tax Free Money for Elder Care Expenses


Self-funding long-term care with living benefit life insurance is an effective strategy to ensure financial stability for future healthcare needs. Living benefit life insurance policies offer the policyholder access to a portion of the death benefit while still alive if certain conditions, such as chronic illness or long-term care needs, are met. This can be particularly advantageous because it provides a dual-purpose benefit: life insurance coverage and a source of funds for long-term care expenses.

When considering this approach, it's essential to understand the policy terms, including the conditions that trigger access to the living benefits and any potential impact on the death benefit. Typically, these policies allow for the acceleration of a portion of the death benefit, which can be used to pay for in-home care, assisted living, or nursing home costs.

Additionally, policyholders should assess their overall financial situation and consult with  the financial advisor who provided this information to determine the appropriate coverage amount and to ensure that this strategy aligns with their long-term financial goals. By integrating living benefit life insurance into their financial plan, individuals can gain peace of mind knowing they have a safety net for long-term care expenses without depleting other retirement savings or assets.

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June 6, 2024 - November 30, 2024

7:00p - 5:30a CST


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If you want to be prepared for the possibility that in your later years you might need home nursing care or assistance with daily living activities due to physical or cognitive impairment, watch this short video to learn how you can double or triple your current financial reserves - tax free.


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