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The Protection Plan


We specialize in designing tax-free retirement plans with fewer expenses than 401(k)'s and mutual funds. Our plans give you consistent returns as good as the S&P 500 and income that is 25% to 40% greater than a 401K. Our goal is to give you a roadmap to a meaningful retirement with peace of mind. 

Today's retirement landscape represents a new normal. Individuals need a meaningful retirement plan that provides peace of mind, protection from stock market loss, money to address long-term care needs and a tax-free death benefit for their heirs.   

Business owners need a plan for their employees that is affordable, eliminates fiduciary liability, protects them from lawsuits and allows them to recruit, reward and retain top talent for the long-term success of their business and provide a real retirement for the business owner the employees and their families.

45% of Americans workers have no retirement savings. The typical American has only $5,000 in savings and the average couple in their late 50's and early 60's have less than $17,000 saved.

Business owners and individuals turn to THE  PROTECTION PLAN to solve this problem. 

The Internal Revenue Code ("IRC") and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act  ("ERISA") place limits and restrictions on 401(K) and other qualified plans.

401(K) and other qualified plans must meet stringent requirements regarding nondiscrimination, participation, vesting and reporting. They have expensive annual maintenance fees and high plan expenses.

These plans, 401(K)'s, cause reverse discrimination for high-income earners (HIE) because of the $18,500 statutory limit placed on contributions. This makes it impossible for (HIE) to reach their desired retirement income goal creating a retirement income gap.

The Protection Plan is an IRS approved, tax-free, risk-free principal protected retirement plan that addresses all the needs required in today's retirement landscape. 

Jim Griffith, CEO, MBA