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How Fees And Expenses Kill your Returns

The use of 401(k) and other traditional retirement plans cause a retirement income gap, discriminate against high-income earners and place your retirement savings at stock market risk.

Traditional plans lack the benefits needed in today's retirement landscape to address access to money for long-term care and the transfer of a tax-free legacy benefit to your heirs.

Traditional plans have high fees and expenses that reduced your retirement savings.

Traditional plans also expose employers to potential litigation and fiduciary liability. 

The Protection Plan is the best tax-advantaged retirement savings vehicle on the market.

The Protection Plan is an IRS approved, tax-free, risk-free, principal protected retirement plan that gives you a ROADMAP to a meaningful retirement. 

Properly structured The Protection Plan can provide tax-free or taxable retirement income and strategic tax planning strategies for individuals and businesses. 

The Protection Plan allows business owners to provide their employees with an affordable retirement plan with a clear RETIREMENT ROADMAP, strategic tax planning strategies, plan cost recovery and tax deductions. The Protection Plan also eliminates plan costs and fiduciary liability for employers.

The graph below shows the performance of traditional retirement plans like 401(k) plans the red line vs The Protection Plan the blue line from 2000 to 2017.   

Business owners and individuals can use The Protection Plan to provide an affordable ROBUST retirement plan for themselves and their employees.

Click the hashtag below and watch the video on The Protection Plan.   

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