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The CD Alternative

Tired of low bank rates? An Indexed Annuity could give you higher returns on your money than bank savings deposits. A deferred annuity allows your retirement savings to grow tax deferred until you began to take income.

By deferring the taxes your money grows faster with compound interest resulting in higher returns.

With an indexed annuity interest is credited to your account by the upward movement of a stock market index with a cap and your money is protected from stock market loss. You can also get a fixed interest rate crediting strategy.

Bank CD's are at historical lows and a certificate of deposit has become a certificate of depreciation!

Bank CD's have become a bad depository for your money. CD rates are at historical lows and the smart money expects taxes to increase making bank deposits even worse.

Contact us to see if an Indexed Annuity is a suitable strategy for your particular situation.

You deserve more than 1%, if you are getting that!

Contact us today and speak with one of our financial professionals for more information and see if an Indexed Annuity is suitable for you.

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