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Annual Review

If you haven't had your annual review schedule it now.

In 2018 we will be dealing with massive changes to the tax code due to the enactment into law of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Some of those changes are going to apply to you and some of those changes will affect your retirement and assets that you hope will go to your heirs. Are you ready?

A review of the investments in your retirement and investment accounts is another thing to think about. With all the tax changes coming into effect, do your investments still make sense or do they need to be rebalanced or adjusted.

A call to us is a smart move.  We think of a new year as a new beginning. Many of us resolve to eat better, exercise more, or lose weight – in other words, make positive changes for a “better” you in the new year.

We should apply the same thought process of making positive changes to our financial plans, retirement savings, and estate plans as well, especially this year. 

Click email address under CONTACT below. Type "Annual Review" in subject line, provide contact info, name, contact number, email address and we'll call you shortly.