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Executive Compensation And Non-Qualified Plans


There are two (2) retirement systems in America.  The most commonly known system is Qualified Plans, i.e., 401k plans, 403(b) plans, 457(b) plans, IRAs, ROTH IRA etc.

Executives Use Non-Qualified Plans as their primary retirement vehicle. 

Did you know that 91% of Fortune 1000 companies use a Non-Qualified Retirement Plan for their executives?

Executives in large companies do not use the 401k plan as their primary retirement vehicle.  Instead they use a Non-Qualified Retirement Plan.

I would like to ask you two questions: 

  • Question 1: If you could choose between a qualified 401k plan and a Non-Qualified Plan used by Executives at Fortune 1000 companies, which would you choose?
  • Question 2: Which plan do you think provides more retirement income...the qualified 401k plan or an Executive Level Non-Qualified Plan?

The right Non-Qualified Plan can provide 2 to 3 times more tax free retirement income without putting your retirement savings at risk due to the ups and downs of the market.

We use institutionally priced specially designed Indexed Universal Life Insurance as the funding vehicle for our Executive Compensation and Non-Qualified Plans.

This guarantees our clients, a return on their money between 0 and to 13.5%, protects their retirement money from market loss and provides a legacy benefit for their heirs and money to address Long Term Health Care Needs.

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This illustration shows how your money would have performed with the traditional qualified plan the red line in contrast to the non-qualified plan the blue line. 


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