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The Protection Plan

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We specialize in providing our clients a road map to a real retirement with "The Protection Plan."

Business owners, their employees, individuals and high income earners all need The Protection Plan.

We created The Protection Plan. The Protection Plan allows you to have a real retirement providing tax free income for life, eliminates market risk, provides tax free legacy transfer and money to address health issues that come with aging.

The Protection Plan also prevents taxation of Social Security Income which protects your life style in retirement

The Protection Plan will provide you with a life style in retirement that cannot be obtained using traditional retirement savings vehicles like 401(K) plans.

Business owners need The Protection Plan to provide and affordable way for their employees to have a real retirement plan and when the employer adds a percentage match to the employees contribution the business gets a tax deduction.

The Protection Plan is a ROBUST retirement plan and allows a company to attract, maintain and reward top talent.

When it comes to saving for retirement , High Income Earners are the victims of reverse-discrimination. The more they earn, the smaller a portion of their earnings they can contribute to a qualified retirement plan like a 401(K).

The Protection Plan allows High Income Earners (HIE) to overcome this discrimination.

There is no $18,500.00 statutory contribution limit like 401(K) plans, no Employee Retirement Income Security Act, "ERISA" requirements, no annual plan maintenance fees, you have it your way.

You can contribute an unlimited amount to The Protection Plan before or after tax so you can reach your Desired Retirement Income goal and live the life style you want in your retirement years.

The Protection Plan properly designed can eliminate Federal and State taxation of current income, a great tax planning strategy for High Income Earners.

The Protection Plan can provide 20% to 30% more income than 401(K) and traditional taxable plans and will reduce or eliminate the retirement income gap caused by 401(k) plans.

The Protection Plan is income driven so the more money you save today determines the income you receive in the future when you retire to protect your lifestyle.

Our services include products for business planning, retirement planning, estate planning and wealth management.

We consider it an honor to build a relationship with you and earn your trust and we place great value on all our client relationships.

Call us at 800-361-6542 or click the "Contact "  tab to request more information.

Remember time in the market is the key to saving the money you need to have a real retirement and eliminating unnecessary taxation of retirement income and market risk are key components.

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-Jim Griffith, CEO

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